Saturday, 19 January 2013

British Government Lying Again?

The government claims to have created an additional half a million new jobs in the past year. At best, this is a gross exaggeration, at worst, a deliberate deception, because over 20% of those ‘jobs’ are being done by unemployed people still receiving jobseeker’s allowance on unpaid government ‘back-to-work-schemes’. Some are unpaid workers doing voluntary or mandatory ‘work experience’ in supermarkets and charity shops.

Many, therefore, are working for businesses and corporations who exploit their workers for the profit they produce, and pay them nothing!

Some of that half million include tens of thousands with no jobs and no training, who simply attend regular job-hunting workshops for nothing more than the benefit payments they are entitled to – and the government counts them as having a job! You couldn’t make it up, it’s so daft!

But apparently this is the right way to do it, because under International Labour Organisation guidelines, people are counted as being employed if they are contributing to the nation's economic output, regardless of whether or not they get paid.

They work. Someone else benefits.

Let’s call that what it is. It’s a sort of slavery. It’s bullies pushing around the weak and vulnerable for as much profit they can extract.

Then when the placements end, the poor slaves are pushed back into the ranks of the scroungers and maligned benefit cheats, ready for another kicking by the government and the right-wing press.

Well, we have put posh-boy millionaire bullies in charge, and top-class bullying is what we get.



  1. Hello, I have bookmarked this blog along with Sue's. You present some very compelling FACTS as opposed to the lies and fantasies put out by the govt. Best wishes for this blog.

    1. Thank you for that. The situation is so awful, I find it very hard to be restrained. To those with a bit of moral sensitivity, what I call true humanity, it is obvious what is happening, and I end up thinking why the hell can't people see what's going on? We must all do what we can.